Beneficial Herbal Remedies For Menstrual Pain

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[toc]Menstrual PainMenstrual pain as the name suggests is the pain associated with onset of menstrual cycle or periods. This pain is  usually experienced in the lower abdomen and pelvic region. Menstrual pain can be mild or severe depending upon person to person. This pain is usually accompanied by cramping, which is mainly caused due to spasms of the abdominal and uterine muscles.

Painful menstruation maybe caused due to uterine fibroid, excessive levels of hormone prostaglandins, pelvis inflammatory disease, STI, ovarian cysts, used of IUD, endometriosis etc. Menstrual pain is usually experience by women during start of menstrual cycle and usually subsides by 2 or 3 day.

Sometimes, pieces of uterine lining are expelled from during the source of menstrual cycle in form of clots, which cause severe pain. Below mentioned are some very useful herbal remedies which help in lessening the pain during menstruation.

Important Herbs For Menstrual Pain

Cramp Bark And Black Haw

Cramp BarkCramp bark and Black Haw have been used traditionally since ancient times to get relief from menstrual pain. Both of these herbal remedies are rich in phytochemical which not only helps in relaxing the muscles of the uterus but also prevents painful spasms and cramping associated with menstruation. This herb is also very helpful in relaxing cramping of the muscles.

Cramp bark and black haw are rich source of salicin, which helps in minimizing pain and acts like natural aspirin. Menstrual pain can be elevated by consuming cramp bark and black haw in form of herbal tea. Alternatively, these herbs are also available in form of tincture, tablets etc.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai has been used traditionally by Chinese people to solve various women related problems like menstrual pain, bleeding from the uterus, menopause, irregular or scanty periods etc. Dong Quai helps in reducing the inflammation of the tissues and provides a cooling and soothing effect. It also helps in controlling the cramping and spasms associated with menstruation, thus elevating pain.

Dong Quai is also a very good adaptogen, thereby helping the body to maintain a balance of hormones. All these properties of Dong Quai makes it a very popular and beneficial women’s herb. Dong Quai is easily available in the market in form of tablets, tonic, capsules, root powder, liquid extract etc.

Blue Cohosh

Blue CohoshBlue cohosh is one of the best known uterine tonic, which is much sought after as a powerful herbal remedy to elevate menstrual pain. Blue cohosh is rich in components which help in relaxing the painful spasms in the uterine cavity, preventing cramps and pain. It helps in encouraging the blood blow to the pelvis region, thereby encouraging onset of menstruation and child birth.

\Blue cohosh is especially very helpful in elevating menstrual pain,when used in combination with black cohosh. Blue cohosh can be consumed in form of tea or tincture to overcome the problem of painful menstruation.

Wild Yam

Wild YamWild Yam is a very effective herbal remedy to cure menstrual pain and cramping. Wild yam stimulates the uterus and enables it to work efficiently during periods by controlling cramping and spasms of the muscles, which cause pain. This herb is also very effective in toning the ovaries, thereby eliminating pain associated with ovarian cyst.

Wild yam is also a very good source of diosgenin, which is extremely helpful for various gynecological problems including  painful menses. Wild Yam can be consumed in form of tea, infusion, extract, capsules, tonic etc., to help with menstrual pain.


MotherwortMotherwort has been used since ancient times as a herbal remedy to cure various problems related to menstrual cycle, including menstrual pain. This herb is very effective in soothing the muscles of the uterus, thereby preventing cramps and pain. Motherwort also helps is providing a calming effect on the nervous system of the body, thereby providing relief from PMS symptoms like-stress, anxiety and nervousness.

This herb is especially very helpful in regulating the menstrual cycle and eliminating the cramps and pain associated with scanty periods. Motherwort herbal tea is especially very beneficial for menstrual pain. However, it can also be taken in form of tincture and tablets.

Jamaican Dogwood

Jamaican DogwoodJamaican Dogwood is another very effective herbal remedy used for warding off menstrual pain. Jamaican Dogwood is renowned for its sedative properties and is used effectively to treat the problems of neuralgia, headache and severe pain associated with muscle cramping. The bark of Jamaican Dogwood is rich in medicinal properties and is used to relieve inflammations.

It is also very effective in reducing muscle spasms, thus proving to be very useful for severe menstrual pain. A herbal tea made of Jamaican Dogwood is especially very useful for painful menstruation. However, it can also be taken in form of tincture and tonics.


ChamomileChamomile is a very potent herb used since centuries to treat various women health related issues. Chamomile provides a soothing and calming effect on the nerves of the body, thereby preventing irregular and delayed menstruation which is a side effect of stress, tension etc.

Spiroether, is one of the main components of Chamomile which helps in relaxing the spasms of the muscles, thereby providing relief from painful menstruation and cramping. Chamomile herbal tea is especially very soothing and relaxing for menstrual pain.


GingerGinger has been used since ancient times to provide relief from abdominal pain and cramps associated with menstrual cycle. The main component of ginger is gingerols, which help in reducing the muscle spasms, relaxing the muscles, stimulate better blood flow and provide a soothing and calming effect on the stomach muscles.

These properties of ginger makes it a very powerful herbal remedy for overcoming the problem of menstrual pain. Ginger can be eaten raw or consumed in form of ginger herbal tea.

Chaste Tree

Chaste tree berries has been used traditionally as herbal remedy to overcome female menstrual cycle related problems. This herb helps in regulating the sex hormonal balance in the body, thereby promoting healthy menstrual cycle, providing relief from pain and cramping, PMS, infertility, menopause etc.

Chaste tree is especially very effective when used for a long period of time and in cases associated with extreme cramping and painful menses. This herb can be consumed in form of tincture or herbal tea to ward off painful periods.

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