Beneficial Treatments For Fever

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[toc]Feverfever is the body’s way of fighting an infection during flu, influenza or some other viral infections. It is an ailment that causes a lot of uneasiness in the body and even hampers day to day activities to a great extent.One must never suppress a fever and treat it immediately as sometimes very high fever can be very dangerous especially for small children.

High fever is often accompanied by headache, loss of appetite and tremendous weakness.Though there are good antibiotics to treat fever easily, it is always better to follow natural remedies to treat fever successfully.

Natural remedies are much safer and have no harmful side effects as a result many people prefer to follow these remedies for treating fever.Below are a few very effective remedies to treat fever successfully.

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Top 5 Treatments For Fever

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Drink WaterIt is very important to drink plenty of fluids in order to treat fever successfully. During fever body loses a lot of fluid as a result you tend to get dehydrated faster so regular intake of fluids throughout the day is a must. Water is the best form of fluid to drink. You should drink at least 2- 3 litres of water daily in order to treat fever successfully. Even you can drink fresh fruits and vegetable juices as it helps to keep you well hydrated and makes up for the fluid lost from the body.

Drink Herbal Tea

Herbal TeaHot herbal tea is an excellent remedy to treat fever. Hot herbal tea reduces your temperature and provides immense relief to the body. Moreover herbal tea leaves contain antioxidants that makes your immune system strong. Drink at least 2- 3 cups of hot herbal tea daily to treat fever successfully. If you follow these effective home remedies regularly then you can successfully treat fever to a great extent.

Take Bath In Lukewarm Water

 Bath In Lukewarm WaterTaking a bath in lukewarm water is a very good remedy to treat high fever. Lukewarm water bath relaxes your body and brings your body temperature down. But always remember that never try to bring down the fever rapidly by plunging yourself into cold water as that is harmful for your health. Even a sponge bath is very effective for treating high fevers. Sponge high-heat generating areas like your armpits and groin with cool water as it helps to reduce the temperature to a great extent and treats fever successfully.

Take Ample Rest

RestFever makes your body very weak so it is very important to take ample rest in order to treat fever completely. Good rest provides you energy to fight the disease. Try and limit your activities as much as possible. Sleep well as this would help you to reduce the weakness. Avoid moving around much and try to stay indoors. If possible take leave from work as rest is one of the best ways to treat fever and weakness.

Drink Raisin Juice

Raisin juice is considered as one of the best remedies to treat very high fever. Soak about 25 – 30 raisins in half a cup of water. Then after a while crush the raisins into the water and strain the pure juice. After this add half a slice of lime juice to it and drink it twice a day. This remedy helps to treat fever completely in a couple of days.

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