5 Natural Ways To Have Thicker Sperm Count

[toc]For men as well as for women, there is nothing more memorable than having a gratifying sexual experience. This is a natural way of conceiving a new life as well. However, there are many men who have issues of sperm quality that definitely and directly affects the fertility levels and thus reflect their inability to plan a baby with their mate.

Ways To Have Thicker Sperm Count

By increasing the thickness of the sperm count one can enhance the quality. The guide below gives you some natural and safe remedies in hand that can be used for achieving the goals. Use them regularly for ideal outcomes for thick sperm count: –

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Tips To Have Thicker Sperm Count Naturally

Exercise On A Routine Basis

Having a strict regimen of exercise ensures proper secretion of testosterone as well as enhances proper functioning of the body. This is one of the best ways to stay fit as well as trigger the sexual experience one has with their mate. Apart from that, the major benefit why you should have a workout routine is to thicken the sperm and improve its quality.

Adhere to at least half an hour of regular exercise each day. This can be as simple as brisk walking or even in the form of strength training and cardio. This will give desired outcomes in just a few weeks.

Exercise On A Routine Basis

Use A Massage

To improve the blood circulation to the pelvic region and the penis that as a result works well on the sperm count, you can get a regular massage.

This will earn you maximum benefits where a professional handles and presses just the right points that can enhance the thickness of the sperm. Follow a routine massage of at least 30-45 minutes each day to reap the advantages and achieve the goals in a natural way.

Sex Benefits

An interesting way to thicken the sperm count is to have sex. There is a stereotype that having frequent sex leads to decreased sperm count in men but then that is not the case.

The regular sex helps a man to ejaculate even those sperms that are somewhat defected. This helps in giving fresh and healthy sperm each time and thus improve on the quality. By making room for new sperm, you can easily reach the aims of thickened sperm count.

Sex Benefits

Healthy Eating Is Important

There is no better and natural substitute to treating health problems than having a healthy and nutrient rich diet. To boost the fertility in both men and women and to help men achieve thick sperm count, it is important to include loads of fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables in the meals.

Antioxidant rich foods will help a great deal in this crisis. Make sure you adhere to lean protein and avoid fatty and sugary foods. Processed goods should also be kept at bay. Overall, try and maintain the weight as well since overweight and obesity will only decrease the thickness of the sperm. Include 10 glasses of plain and filtered water in the diet for best outcomes.

Healthy Eating Is Important

Alcohol And Smoking Is A Big No

Alcohol and smoking is known to kill the sperm production and therefore should be completely avoided as a natural cure for thickening of the sperm. This is one habit that leads to a lot of other problems as well.

Try and keep it as away from the routine as possible. Occasional drinking is however not a problem. Avoid keeping laptops on the legs as well that kills sperms. This is another natural way to improve the sperm count.

Alcohol And Smoking Is A Big No

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