7 Effects Of Over Masturbation

[toc]Masturbation is a very normal procedure that both men and women do for their instant sexual gratification. Since, sex is one of the integral parts of the life of a person; masturbation helps them in getting through the satisfaction and orgasm when your partner is not around.

7 Effects Of Over Masturbation

However, masturbation is definitely a healthy thing to do but overdoing the same thing can cause a lot of effects as well as risks to health. To balance the process of masturbation is what is required by both the sexes. This list below will bring into your knowledge the top notch side effects that over masturbation brings along. Check them out.

7 Effects Of Over Masturbation

Fatigue And Tiredness

One of the common effects that over masturbation brings along is the lack of energy. It is very frequent for a person to feel fatigued as well as tired at all times. Weakness and the low energy levels prevent you from doing the day to day activities and make you feel exhausted all the time. This is one thing that you might feel immediately if you masturbate 3-4 times in a day.


Loss Of Hair

Hair is one of the aspects of the body that brings attraction as well as catches the attention of the people around if in good health. However, over masturbation tends to affect the hair in a negative way. Researchers have shown that crossing the limit of masturbation will only lead to hair loss and thinning of hair. This is one outcome that you will have to face.

Loss Of Hair

Effect On Memory And Concentration

Memory loss and lack of concentration comes as a package with over masturbation. A lot of people have complained about this side effect of the habit and leads to a lot of memory issues. The low levels of concentration can affect the daily work especially for those who have a profession to maintain.


Premature Ejaculation

With prolonged over masturbation, the control over ejaculation slowly goes out of hand. One is not able to have a delayed gratification and you will see premature ejaculation during sex with your partner. This is one serious sexual problem that you will have to go through because of uncontrolled masturbation all the time.

Visions Blur

Blurring of the vision, eye floaters and fuzzy vision are some of the ailments of the eyes that can be connected easily with over masturbation. There is a lot of hormonal imbalance in the body due to this habit that results in various problems and one of them is directly associated with the vision.

Visions Blur

Issues With Erection

Every man wants a hard and strong erection when it comes to sex. For men, one of the effects of over masturbation comes in the form of weak penis that leads to weak and soft erection. This is one side effect that you wouldn’t want and one that will greatly affect the sexual relationships with your mate.

Erection issue


Lower back pain, pain in the pelvic region as well as testicular pains and that is the groin is something that will be experienced when you adhere to over masturbation. This is one side effect that you need to know about.

back pain

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