5 Exercises For Male Sexual Enhancement

[toc]Sex is one of those aspects in the life of a man as well as for a woman that defines their most personal relationships and measure the smoothness and happiness associated with it. Man is made in such a way that sexual gratification is an important part of his life. To ensure that the experience is enthralling, there is nothing better than working towards a healthy body, mind and soul. This will give you the stamina and the energy to have some great sex.

Male Sexual Enhancement

However, there are men who suffer sexual issues and want to enhance the same in a safe and simple manner. These exercises mentioned below can be incurred in the routine to get the outcomes: –

5 Various Exercises For Male Sexual Enhancement

Hip Flexor Lunge Exercise

This is one exercise that stresses on the good health of hips. In this particular exercise, you need to step one foot forward such that it is at least one meter away from each other.

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The pelvis should be brought forward till it gets stretched. This should be kept on hold for about half a minute and then do with the other leg too.

Hip Flexor Lunge Exercise


For those men who want to enhance the sexual functions of the organ can adhere to another of the top notch exercises in the form of jelqing. The penis needs to be completely erect for this exercise performance. Use the thumb as well as the forefinger to slide on the organ starting at the base and moving till the head.

It is a form of massage exercise. Use a lubricant for easier sliding on the organ. Along with this use about 100 strokes. This can be increased later. It improves blood flow and aim at sexual enhancement.


Stretching Exercises

Looking for some strength and growth of the penis? There is nothing better than sticking to stretching exercises for this. It is one of the top notch ways for sexual enhancement in men.

Do not apply this exercise when aroused. This calls for stretching of the organ to the opposite side of the body while holding its head and till the maximum length you can. This should be kept for about 15 minutes before you relax the muscles there. Different directions can be used for stretching. Use an oil for better results.


Lower Back Floor Exercise

A simple exercise that improves the energy and stamina and thus positively affects the sexual enhancement is the lower back exercise on the floor.

It helps in giving you strong lower back and abdomen muscles that is important in a lot of positions including the full court press. All you need to do is lie on the back and bring the knees to the chest for 30 seconds. Do this several times each day.

Lower Back Floor Exercise


One of the best exercises that is considered perfect for men who want to enhance their sexual desires and vitality is ballooning. It makes the male sexual organs strong and gives them a harder erection. Along with this, the exercise helps in improving stamina and treating issues like premature ejaculation. It also helps in growth as well as healthy stretching of the pelvic muscles.

For those who want to enlarge the penis can also use ballooning to their advantage. You need to practice this exercise before you can excel it but the advantages make it worth the effort. Just like edging, it needs you to stop just at the pinnacle of orgasm. The only difference is that you need to stoke it as well in an up and down motion for success.


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