5 Home Remedies For Jaundice In Newborn

Jaundice In Newborn

5 Home Remedies For Jaundice In Newborn

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Home Remedies For Jaundice In Newborn

[toc]Jaundice is quite a known term when we talk about ailments and infections. However, what a lot of us don’t know is that not only is it prevalent in adults and children but also a part of many newborn babies. In most of the cases, they get the infection from the mother’s womb. Herein, researches show that half of the newborns have some level of jaundice at birth.

Rest assured, it is not at all a threatening infection and occurs only because the baby’s liver is still learning how to function in the right way. To treat newborn jaundice, one can use the home remedies mentioned below for treatment.

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5 Effective Remedies For Jaundice In Newborn 

Sunlight Benefits

Sunlight For Jaundice In Newborn

One of the home remedies is to place the baby’s crib near the window where it gets the sunlight. It is known that sun rays breaks the bilirubin levels and brings them to normal levels that was causing jaundice. This should be done two times in a day for 10 minutes each.

Make sure you do not place them under direct sunlight as it may burn the sensitive skin. Divide the time equally on the stomach and the back for best outcomes and keep a check the entire time.

For the very same purpose a bili light can be placed in the baby’s cot that works the same purpose as sunlight. It will again give you safer and effective results on the treatment.

Wheat Grass Juice

Wheat Grass Juice For Jaundice In Newborn

About 20 drops of natural and fresh wheat grass juice can be mixed with the formula given to the baby to flush out the toxins from the liver that is causing jaundice.

This can also be done in another way where the mother consumes the wheat grass juice and the benefits are extracted by the baby through breast milk. For the mother about 2 ounces of the juice is preferable in a day. This should be done until the jaundice fades away completely.


Phototherapy For Jaundice In Newborn

There are various safe equipments that can be used at home for the treatment of jaundice in newborns. Fiber optic wrap is what can be used for the purpose. It comes in the form of a band or a blanket.

For mild jaundice these wraps help in reducing the bilirubin levels. A professional can teach you on exactly how to use the equipments and get going for best results for the newborn.

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Frequent Feedings

Frequent Feedings For Jaundice In Newborn

Starting from breast feeds to even bottle feeds, frequent feedings are highly advisable as a home remedy for the treatment of jaundice in newborns. About 8 to 12 feedings in the entire day is advisable.

This will provide the baby with the fluids to clean the liver and keep them hydrated as well. It helps in flushing out the extra bilirubin from the liver and get excellent outcomes on the infection.

Stop Breast Feeding

Stop Breast Feeding For Jaundice In Newborn

In many cases, one of the simplest home remedies for the treatment of the jaundice in baby comes in the form of avoiding breast feeding. It is quite possible that the baby is developing jaundice from the mother’s milk.

However, this does not mean that the feedings should be reduced. You can always adhere to bottle feeding for achieving the goals. A doctor will be able to help you better in this home treatment.

5 Home Remedies For Jaundice In Newborn

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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