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    Finest Hair grooming Kit For Men |Charcoal Shampoo (200ml), Hair Styling Gel (50g), Hair Cream Matte(50g), Charcoal Conditioner 200ml

    • Shampoo – Man Arden Activated Charcoal Shampoo removes hair and scalp impurities that lead to buildup, leaving hair refreshed. A tailored blend of nutrients, vitamin B5 and rich antioxidants nourishes strands with every wash
    • Styling Gel – Strong Hold – A novel Hair Styling Gel that keeps hair tamed and groomed with a single application for a long time. It holds the flyaway and unmanageable hair in place and smoothens frizzes. Suitable for all types of hair, the Hair Styling Gel allows you to effortlessness style your hair the way you want it for a particular occasion.
    • Hair Cream – Provides soft hold and Perfect for blow-drying, smoothing flyaways and refreshing styles the next day, this nourishing, Bhringraj Extract -infused hair styling cream adds shine and definition with a soft hold.
    • Conditioner – Man Arden Activated Charcoal Conditioner infuses hair with nutrients to leave hair looking and feeling refreshed. A tailored blend of nutrients, vitamin B5 and rich antioxidants nourishes strands with every wash.
    • Conditioner – Our nutrient-infused blend with activated charcoal cleanses deep to remove buildup of hair and scalp impurities to leave hair healthy, refreshed and renewed.
    $36.59 $33.26
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    Skin Cleansing Kit | Deep Cleanse, Blackheads Removal | DeTan Face Scrub, Beard & Face Wash, Charcoal Face Mask (100ml Each)

    • Beard & Face Wash – Cleanses without drying out face and beard. Enriched with natural oil for manageably soft beard and hydrated skin.
    • Beard & Face Wash – Helps restore natural pH and oil balance of skin.
    • De Tan face Scrub – Real Coffee Beans granules gently scrub off dead skin. Ideal for scrubbing thick male skin.
    • De Tan face Scrub – Infused with antioxidants rich coffee bean extract that helps in diminishing the harmful effect of intense UV ray exposure. Caffeine helps to stimulate microcirculation in the skin, leading to radiant complexion.
    • Charcoal Face Mask – Easy to Use Wash Off Mask rather than Peel Off Mask. An essential in every skincare regime, one you can depend on to soothe, nourish, hydrate, and deeply heal your skin whether you’re oily, dry, or somewhere in-between.
    $31.14 $28.31
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    Baby Mosquito Repellent Body Spray 100ml

    • Mom & World Baby Mosquito Repellent Body Spray is a blend of natural mosquito repellent oils that ward off the blood sucking insects without harming your baby’s health.
    • It contains citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint & neem oils. The natural fragrance of the essential oils masks the natural human body odor, thereby preventing mosquitoes from tracking their prey.
    • The DEET free topical mosquito repellent is environment friendly. It’s gentle on the delicate skin of your little one. It contains castor & soybean oils to retain the delicate moisture barrier of your child’s skin.
    • Easy to use, all you have to do is spray the liquid mosquito repellent on the exposed areas of your baby’s body and spread it evenly to build a protective shield around the child.
    • The mosquito repellent body spray is created with the best ingredients according to the standard manufacturing guidelines. It’s a non-toxic, non-irritant product.
    $19.23 $17.48
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    Baby Mosquito Repellent Body Roll On 50ml

    • Mom & World Baby Mosquito Repellent Body Roll On is a topical mosquito repellent created especially for babies.
    • It’s a DEET-free, fully natural product containing a mixture of essential oils with mosquito repellent property.
    • The mixture of aromatic oils masks body odor and simultaneously wards off mosquitoes from the vicinity of your baby.
    • Free from toxic insecticides, it is absolutely safe for the delicate skin and health of babies. It is a hypoallergenic and non-irritant product.
    • It’s easy to use. Simply roll-on the topical repellent on the hands, legs and exposed parts of the baby’s body.
    $18.31 $16.65
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    Baby Mosquito Repellent Baby Lotion 200ml

    • Mom & World Baby Mosquito Repellent Body Lotion contains a blend of essential oils to mask the body odor and ward off mosquitoes. By repelling mosquitoes present in the vicinity of your baby, it protects your child from mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases.
    • The tender skin of your baby is protected from mosquitoes by a mixture of citronella, rosemary, lemongrass, eucalyptus, rosemary, neem and holy basil oils. The aroma of the oil mixture repels mosquitoes.
    • Made with natural ingredients, it’s a 100% natural lotion for shielding your baby from mosquitoes.
    • It’s gentle on the delicate skin and safe for your baby’s sensitive skin and delicate health. It’s free from paraben, mineral oil, sulphate and toxic chemicals.
    • The non-greasy lotion absorbs quickly into the skin to form a protective coating. Enriched with aloe vera gel, sweet almond oil and wheat germ oil, it also works as a moisturizing lotion.
    $21.06 $19.15
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    Baby Mosquito Repellent After Bite Roll On 50ml

    • Mom & World Baby Mosquito Repellent After Bite Roll On quickly relieves itching, redness, irritation, swelling caused by mosquito bites. It has a soothing effect on the itchy skin, and restores the natural appearance of your baby’s skin.
    • It’s made with natural ingredients that are gentle and safe for the baby’s delicate skin. The key ingredients are lavender, neem, basil, mint and tea tree oil. It is carefully created to suit the sensitive skin.
    • The antibacterial activities of the essential oils minimize risk of secondary skin infections that might occur when your baby scratches the itchy skin.
    • It’s easy to use. Simply roll on the site of mosquito bite.
    • Travel-friendly. You can easily carry it in your pocket, purse and bag while traveling with your little one.
    $18.31 $16.65
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    Baby Anti Bacterial Liquid Cleanser 500ml

    • Mom & World Baby Anti Bacterial Liquid Cleanser is an all-purpose cleanser for washing off food residues, microorganisms, chemicals and impurities from nursing bottles, feeding utensils and accessories, pacifiers, toys, fruits, vegetables and everything your baby uses.
    • Free from harsh detergents, it’s a natural cleanser powered by lemon and neem. Lemon works as a natural disinfectant and helps dissolve stains and eliminates unpleasant odor. Neem helps in destroying germs.
    • This gentle, non-toxic, natural cleanser has been manufactured according to the international guidelines. The environment-friendly liquid cleanser is absolutely safe for your baby’s health.
    • Washing fruits and vegetables with the natural cleanser helps in removing all traces of pesticides and fertilizers that may be present on the rind.
    • Easy to clean and rinse.
    $21.98 $19.98
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    Man Arden Shaving Foam For Sensitive Skin – Charged with Menthol, Aloevera and Tea Tree, 200g

      • Man Arden Shaving Foam assures a comfortable shaving experience. It enables clean close shave, and leaves the beard area smooth and soft.
      • It forms rich creamy lather to soften the dry coarse beard hair. The lubricant in the shaving foam moisturizes the skin so that the razor smoothly glides on the skin.
      • Made with skin-friendly ingredients, Man Arden Shaving Foam is well-tolerated even by the razor burn and acne prone sensitive skin. It’s gentle, soothing and refreshing. Menthol provides a cooling sensation while you shave.
      • Aloe vera in the shaving foam hydrates and nourishes the skin. The anti-inflammatory property of aloe vera helps in relieving irritation. Tea tree oil works as a natural antiseptic.
      • Man Arden Shaving Foam is devoid of alcohol, sulphates and toxic chemicals. It is safe for all types of skin.
      • 0% Alcohol. Safe For Sensitive Skin
    $20.14 $18.31
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    Man Aden Hair Styling Gel – High Hold with Wet Looks, 50g

    • Man Arden Hair Styling Gel is the ultimate hair styling gel for preserving the sleek cool hairstyle throughout the day. It provides a grip strong enough to tame the hair strands including the stubborn flyaway hairs and keep them in place with a single application.
    • The wet look adds a natural shine to the mane. It suits all hair types and occasions.
    • Enriched with natural moisturizing agents, the hair gel helps in softening and smoothing your hair. Perfectly suited for daily grooming.
    • Hair stays hydrated and frizz-free the whole day. The alcohol-free gel does not strip the hair of its natural oil. Aloe vera, a natural hair conditioning agent, is infused in the gel to protect the hair strands from environmental damage.
    • Organic plant-based ingredients nourish the tresses and help protect against dandruff and hair damage. The main botanical constituents of the gel are tea tree oil, bhringraj and neem.
    $21.00 $19.15
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    Man Arden Hair Fiber Wax Strong Hold with Gloss Finish, 50g

    • Man Arden Hair Fiber Wax provides a hold strong enough to last throughout the day. Simplest way to manage the untamable short strands and add volume to the mane.
    • Gloss effect adds a natural shine to the hair. Perfect for spiking and texturizing.
    • Hairstyling blended with hair care. Aloe vera and shea butter keep hair conditioned. Rosemary oil, shikakai and amla help reduce hair fall and keep hair healthy.
    • Easy to use. No special shampoo is needed to wash off the hair fiber wax. Non-greasy, flake-free product.
    • Free from paraben, sulphate, mineral oil and toxic chemicals, it is absolutely safe for your hair.
    $21.00 $19.15
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    StBotanica Retinol Advanced Anti Aging Day Cream SPF 30, UVA/UVB PA+++, 50g

    • Intensely moisturizes and keeps skin hydrated the whole day. Relieves skin dryness, softens dry patches, and leaves skin feeling velvety smooth.
    • Regular use helps in firming the skin, and reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol, matrixyl 3000, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, the potent anti-aging ingredients of the day cream, work synergistically to preserve your skin’s youthful elasticity.
    • With SPF 30 and PA+++, it shields your skin from sunburn and photo-aging. It helps minimize dark spots and pigmentation.
    • Premium natural oils strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier to combat skin aging. Pomegranate extract and tomato oil thwart free radical induced skin damage.
    • Free from parabens, phthalates and mineral oil, this non-comedogenic cream suits all types of skin.
    $39.39 $35.81
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    4.50 out of 5

    StBotanica Retinol Advanced Anti Aging Face Mask, 50g

    • This is an advanced skin care product for fighting signs of skin aging. It instantly hydrates, soothes and tones the skin and helps in firming and tightening it.
    • Retinol, the major anti-aging constituent of the face mask, works synergistically with hyaluronic acid, Matrixyl 3000 and vitamins B3, B5, C & E to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increase elasticity and smoothness of the skin.
    • Premium botanical extracts with antioxidant, anti-aging and skin lightening & brightening properties are blended to give healthy, younger-looking skin.
    • Premium botanical extracts with antioxidant, anti-aging and skin lightening & brightening properties are blended to restore healthy, younger-looking skin.
    • Contains only ingredients that are absolutely safe for the skin. Suits all types of skins.
    $36.64 $33.31
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    4.00 out of 5

    StBotanica Retinol Anti Aging Foaming Face Wash, 120

    • Deep cleanses, promotes exfoliation and detoxifies skin. Increases skin clarity and radiance.
    • Powered by potent anti-aging ingredients such as retinol and matrixyl 3000, it helps fight skin aging. It helps maintain the firm and supple youthful texture of the skin.
    • Cleansing with StBotanica Face Wash does not disrupt the skin’s moisture barrier. Aloe vera hydrates and soothes the skin.
    • Packed with bioactive compounds with skin lightening and antioxidant properties, the face wash helps to lighten dark spots and blemishes, reduce skin dullness and boost skin luminosity.
    • Free from harsh cleansing ingredients and toxic chemicals, it suits all types of skin.
    $23.81 $21.65
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    StBotanica Retinol Advanced Anti Aging Face Mist, 120ml

    • Instantly refreshes, soothes and hydrated the skin. Rejuvenates the dull, tired and irritated skin and helps restore the healthy state of your skin.
    • Works as a skin toner. Helps reduce excessive oiliness of the skin, and restores the normal oil and pH balance of the skin.
    • Potent anti-aging ingredients infused in the face mist boosts the moisture retention capacity of the skin. Helps your skin regain its youthful suppleness.
    • Boosts skin radiance, Fights Skin Aging and Instantly Refreshes
    • Made with ingredients that are safe for the skin. Suits all types of skin.
    $25.64 $23.31
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    4.00 out of 5

    StBotanica Vitamin C Brightening Peel Off Mask, 100ml

    • St. Botanica Peel Off Mask enriched with vitamins C helps to improve skin clarity, radiance and resilience.
    • It helps restore hydration and strengthens the antioxidant defense of the skin against environmental damage.
    • The facial mask absorbs excess oil, removes deep seated dirt and dead skin and helps open up the clogged pores, restoring the skin to a purer state.
    • Vitamins and premium botanical extracts help improve the skin texture and complexion.
    • Free from harmful chemicals, the facial mask is suitable for all skin types.
    $23.81 $21.65
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    5.00 out of 5

    StBotanica Vitamin C SPF 75 Dry Touch Sunscreen UVA/UVB PA+++, 120ml

    • St. Botanica Vitamin C enriched Dry Touch Sunscreen provides the highest level of protection from sunburn and tanning.
    • Mineral-based sunscreen agents form a protective barrier against UVA and UVB rays of the sun without making the skin greasy.
    • Rich in vitamin C, the sunscreen helps to boost the skin’s antioxidant defense against free radicals.
    • It hydrates the skin with natural emollients and nourishes skin with vitamins and pure botanical extracts.
    • Free from harmful chemicals, this sunscreen lotion suits all types of skin.
    $31.14 $28.31
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    StBotanica Vitamin C SPF 50 Sunblock Face & Body Mist Sunscreen UVA/UVB PA+++, 120ml

    • St. Botanica Vitamin C Sunblock Face & Body Mist is lightweight, non-greasy, skin hydrating sunscreen.
    • The water resistant sunscreen provides long-lasting broad spectrum sun protection. The mineral based sun protection agents make the skin feel dry to touch.
    • Vitamin C in the sunscreen protects skin from sun damage and maintains the elasticity of the skin.
    • Skin’s antioxidant barrier is strengthened with pure extracts of green tea, pomegranate, Madonna lily, jasmine, chamomile and calendula.
    • Free from harmful ingredients, it suits all types of skin.
    $29.31 $26.65
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    StBotanica Vitamin C Skin Brightening Body Lotion, 200ml

    • St. Botanica Vitamin C Skin Brightening Body Lotion deeply moisturizes and helps keep the skin hydrated for a longer time
    • Vitamin C in the body lotion provides antioxidant support and helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity.
    • Hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, which works synergistically with vitamin C, add suppleness and firmness to the skin.
    • Pure natural oils, plant butters and botanical extracts are blended in the lotion to enhance the texture and tone of the skin.
    • Free from mineral oil, paraben and other harmful chemicals, this non-greasy, fast absorbing body lotion is suitable for moisturizing all types of skin.
    $29.31 $26.65
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    StBotanica Vitamin C Brightening Hand And Nail Cream, 50g

    • St. Botanica Vitamin C Brightening Hand and Nail Cream intensely moisturizes the dry hands and leaves them soft and smooth.
    • It moisturizes and adds shine to the nails, and softens the cuticles.
    • The key moisturizing ingredients in the cream are pure olive and jojoba oils, shea butter and cocoa butter and hydrolyzed milk protein.
    • For superior care for hands and nails, the cream contains vitamins B3, C and E. They help in firming the skin and could reduce premature wrinkling of the skin.
    • Free from harmful chemicals, the hand and nail cream is safe for moisturizing the hands every day.
    $21.54 $19.58
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    StBotanica Vitamin C, E & Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Eye Mask, 30g

    • St. Botanica Vitamin C Brightening Under Eye Mask rehydrates the under eye area and brightens the eye contour.
    • It contains skin firming ingredients such as vitamins C and E, hyaluronic acid and matrixyl 3000 to help reduce premature appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
    • It soothes and refreshes, and helps reduce dark circles and under eye puffiness.
    • The skin conditioning eye mask enriched with vitamins and botanical extracts could easily penetrate the delicate under eye skin to help enhance its appearance.
    • Free from paraben, mineral oil and harmful chemicals, it is safe for the delicate and sensitive under eye skin.
    $23.81 $21.65