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5 Best Natural Cures For Gynecomastia


Gynecomastia or very commonly known as “male boobs”, is an unusual magnification of a single or both the breasts in a man and the secretion of milk might or might not be present. This takes place due to the processing and development of the breast tissues which are present in females and this takes place in the era of puberty. The sign of gynecomastia is mainly an abrupt formation of a lump below the areola or the shaded portion of the breasts.

The development of breasts creates an embarrassing situation for a man since it lowers the level of confidence and the social interactions become way lesser. The men who are fat tend to develop pseudo gynecomastia which is mainly the accumulation of fats under the boobs. This disease takes place due to the imbalance in hormonal level, dysfunctioning of the liver, non-reaction of the prostate glands etc. There are various remedies through which one can overcome their problems. They are:-

5 Natural Cures For Gynecomastia

A Proper Exercise

Through lifting of weights, the mass of fat can be minimized and the appearance of male boobs can be reduced. The exercises which include pressing of the chest against the bench or lifting of weights at an angle of 45 degrees about ten to fifteen times can really help. The counts can be increased to three sets for a faster result and makes the area towards the chest very firm and strong. The intake of fruits and water should be high since they boost the energy of the cells.


Effect Of Spice

The commonly known Indian spice turmeric being a member of the family which belongs to ginger is very effective in minimizing the lumps which are formed under areola. The intake of turmeric increases the levels of testosterone in males and consequently the hormones relating to males get balanced. Due to the stabilization of hormones the characteristics of males is developed and the flabbiness gets reduced.

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Consequence Of Phytoestrogens

There can be a decrement in the levels of testosterone through an intake of firstly flaxseeds and secondly soy. The intake of these two helps in minimizing the levels of estrogen which also in turn helps in curing gynecomastia. Instead of normal dairy milk, soy milk should be consumed and the flaxseeds raw or oil should be included in the diet. The cholesterol level gets monitored through these two thereby reducing the fat of animal in the body leading to a loss of weight.

Herbal Treatment

The breasts of the males are developed due to high levels of estrogen and this can be cured through a herb known as tribulus terrestris which may trigger the glands to secrete testosterone. The herb red clover can also be used but a proper consultation with the physician is important since it reduces the estrogen level to a great extent.

Cordycep helps in the formation of testosterone and boost the circulation of blood and manages other issues. The herb sarsaparilla enhances the masculine features in men thereby strengthening and shaping of the muscles.


High Intake Of Water

The water should be taken in abundance, since it helps in reducing fats. High amount of liquids helps in increasing the metabolism and the digestive system works in a faster rate.

High Intake Of Water