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6 Home Remedies For Brittle Fingernails

Home Remedies For Brittle Fingernails

[toc]Nails are an important part of the body and one that needs proper care and concern just like the skin and the hair. Not only does it have health functions to perform but it also affects the look and attraction of a person especially women. Long and beautiful nails are something that every woman desires. 

However, there are some problems that you might have to face when you avoid caring for the nails. Brittleness is one of them. To treat brittle nails in a perfectly perfect manner, there is nothing better than adhering to some effective and top notch home remedies on a consistent basis. It will give safe and visible outcomes in a couple of week’s time.

6 Best Home Remedies For Brittle Fingernails

Olive Oil And Lemon Juice 

Olive Oil For Brittle Fingernails

One of the DIY home remedies that can be followed on a routine basis to get more than expected outcomes is that of a combination of olive oil and lemon juice. This should be used on the nails at least two times in a week.

It will cure the brittleness and make it less prone to chipping. Take this mix and gently massage each of the nails with it till the nails soak some of it. This should be covered with gloves and left overnight for best results.

Tea Tree And Vitamin E Oil 

Vitamin E Oil For Brittle Fingernails

Mix some tea tree essential oil with a few drops of vitamin E oil from the capsules available in the market. Along with giving you brittle free, moisturized and strong nails, it also ensures that the area is prevented from any form of infections and nail fungus.

It should be rubbed on the mails for about 2-3 minutes ach and then left covered for a while. Follow the remedy at least once every week.

Massage With A Moisturizer

Massage With A Moisturizer For Brittle Fingernails

Give some of your time to care for the nails. A cheap yet efficient way in which the brittle nails can be treated and can be made healthy and strong is to massage them with the use of any moisturizer.

This can be the products available in the market or else a natural moisturizer like vegetable oil. A massage will not only nourish the cuticles but also ensure improved blood circulation and make the nails longer and beautiful to look at.

Use Sea Salt

Sea Salt For Brittle Fingernails

About 2 teaspoons of sea salt can be mixed with a few drops of lemon oil, wheat germ oil, myrrh oil and frankincense oil. This should be poured in a bowl of warm water and then the fingers should be soaked in it for a while. This should be kept for about 15 minutes and repeated two times in a week to get the right outcomes.

Have Water

Drink Water For Brittle Fingernails

One of the internal treatments that can help in curing brittle nails is to have plenty of water. Plain and filtered water not only hydrates the body but also helps in removing the toxins from the various parts including the nails.

It also provides hydration to the nails and thus makes them healthier and less brittle. Drink about 10 glasses of water to achieve your goals. It will add innumerable other benefits to the list.

Beer Treatment

Beer Treatment For Brittle Fingernails

Warm ¼ cup of olive oil and to this adds the same amount of apple cider vinegar and about ½ a cup of beer. Soak the nails in this mixture which has high levels of nutrients. This will treat the brittleness in one of the best and the most effective ways possible.