How To Prevent Hair Breakage

[toc]Hair breakage is one of the most common problems that we go through. It is heartbreaking to see those strands of hair rolled on the comb, and we wonder what can be done to prevent breakage. Let me explain here that breakage of hair is very different from hair fall. Hair breakage happens when hair breaks from the middle of the shaft and not the root, like in hair fall.

Hair Breakage

This results in frizziness along with uneven hair shape. Breakage of hair can be blamed on diet, dry hair, pollution and lot of other factors. However, there are some simple ways of preventing breakage of hair so that you can enjoy your lustrous mane once again:

9 Preventions For Hair Breakage

Minimize Styling

One of the major causes of hair breakage is due to bad styling or excessive use of styling products namely the hair dryer, straightener, etc. This also includes products like chemicals that are used for perming or straightening the hair. What you should do here is reduce the heat on the hair by using the dryer on cold settings instead. Dry hair is more prone to damage so minimize high heat styling options.

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Natural Hair Care Products

Chemicals and toxins are the major cause of hair breakage and the two common ingredients found in shampoos and conditioners that are to be blamed here include SLS and SLES, which are sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate respectively.

Not only are they to be blamed for hair fall, they also make the hair shaft weaker, which in turn causes breakage and lot of damage to the hair. Natural and organic variations that don’t contain these are healthier because they minimize damage and nourish the hair to prevent breakage.


Regular Trimming

You are trying to grow your hair long and you have not had it cut in months. But this could be causing more damage than good! Did you know that getting rid of split ends and dry hair via trimming is a good way to prevent hair breakage. What happens is the tangles of these dry hair, spreads to the other hair indirectly.

So when combing out these damaged hair shafts, a lot of healthy hair shafts too get caught in the comb, resulting in further damage and breakage. When you go to the dresser, tell him or her that do not cut more than ½ an inch, but do go for trims every two months.

Hair Trimming

Right Shampooing

A lot of people think that shampooing the hair and then following it up with a conditioner takes care of the hair breakage problem. But this is not true. What you have to do is shampoo the right way using gentle circular motions. Read the instructions on the bottle well. Do not use hot water for shampooing as it will only lead to more dryness and breakage. Use lukewarm or room temperature water to wash hair. Follow this with a conditioner.

When applying the conditioner, towel dry hair lightly and then spread the conditioner all over the hair, from roots to ends, using your hands or a comb. Let it stay. You can also apply a hot towel here. Wash off well to eradicate all traces of the product. Else this too will lead to more damage and breakage.

shampoo hair


The right towel sure makes hell of a difference when it comes to hair maintenance. Why? Did you know that the Japanese use satin pillows and very soft towels for their hair. The reason here is that friction causes a lot of hair breakage. We rub our hair vigorously with a towel, which is harsh and rough. This leads to hair breakage.

But what you can do here is use a soft and supple towel and do not rub vigorously. Simply pat dry and let the towel be around your hair for a while to lock in moisture. If in a hurry use a cold dryer.


Let The Hair Loose

Tying your hair all the time in tight buns and braids too causes a lot of hair breakage. Remember that when you are pulling your hair back tightly, you are exercising pressure on the shafts. Let the hair relax and stay loose at night or some time during the day to prevent breakage.

loose hair

Wrong Massage

You have been applying hot coconut or olive oil regularly on the hair but still suffer from lot of breakage and damage issues. The reason here is simple, hair breakage is caused because of the wrong massaging technique here, not because of the oil.

Gently apply the oil on the hair and scalp, using circulating motions. Even if the motion has a lot of pressure, make sure that it is not too vigorous. Like clothes, vigorous massaging leads to breakage of hair.



A wrong comb is like a wardrobe disaster for the hair. A lot of women, especially those with very curly or wavy hair tend to use fine toothed combs, which only enhance hair damage. What you need to do here is use combs that are made from wood or natural materials and bristles.

The comb should be wide-toothed so that the tangles get sorted out gently. When the hair is thick, curly or too wavy, the fine hair combs tend to exert more pressure that leads to breakage. Also, be gentle when combing the hair because pulling too hard can again cause more breakage.


Hair Packs And Spas

If you can do it home, then try and apply regular hair masks like fruit packs, henna or even fullers earth with egg and mayonnaise on the hair. This reduces hair damage and breakage by repairing the hair from the root to the tip. If you cannot do it at home, go for regular hair spas and deep conditioning treatments at salons and parlors.

Doing this nourishes the hair, provides nutrition, while providing respite from regular hair problems like dry hair, fly away and even hair breakage. And last but not the least, do eat a healthy and nutritious diet along with drinking lots of water. This will help your hair cells heal internally too.

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