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11 Natural Cure For Clogged Arteries


Natural Cure For Clogged Arteries

A buildup of fatty-deposit plaques is the primary reason why people have clogged or blocked arteries. A cardiovascular disease like atherosclerosis may also be the reason behind it. The blocked arteries can be treated with the help of certain herbal remedies and natural supplements.

However, before any natural treatment is taken, it is essential for people to discuss the proper dosage, side effects and the potential drug interactions with a doctor. A herbal remedy should definitely not be used as a replacement of any medical treatment that the patient is receiving currently.

11 Natural Cures For Clogged Arteries

1. Gingko Biloba

It has been discovered by researchers that the risk of heart attacks can be reduced by the herb called gingko biloba. However, it is a slow growing tree, which is why it is not grown in majority of the gardens. People can opt to plant it on their own and after a few years they will have an ample supply of leaves.

Circulation is also jump-started by rosemary, nettle, juniper, cayenne and Angelica. Coumarin can be found in all clovers and this compound can provide protection to the blood vessels.

2. Vitamin B12

When the normal processes of the body break down the amino acids in the blood, a toxic amino acid called homocysteine is formed in the body. The risk of heart and vascular disease rises when there are high blood levels of homocysteine found in the body. Moreover, as compared to high cholesterol, this poses an even higher risk of heart attacks.

Elevated blood fats, smoking, poor diet, heavy metal toxicity, medications, stress, excess iron and lack of folic acid, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 all increase the levels of homocysteine. The hallmark of the chronic vascular disease is the excess iron deposits and the existence of hemosiderin or iron pigment granules. An immune response is triggered by the accumulations of iron deposits from red blood cell protein (hemoglobin). The brain lesions of MS can be found in hemosiderin.

Vitamin B12

3. Garlic

Treating and preventing arteriosclerosis is possible with the aid of garlic. People can eat fresh garlic or also take it in the form of a supplement. Garlic can clear the arteries, reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood, give a boost to the circulatory system and accumulate and remove toxins from the bloodstream due to which it should be taken on a daily basis.


4. Orange

Arteriosclerosis can be treated with the help of lemon or orange juice. Instead of drinking the juice, it is even more effective if people simply opt to use orange or lemon peels. People can use orange or lemon peels without any difficulty. They can make tea with any of these peels.

People should take four cups of water and boil lemon or orange peels in it for 20 minutes. People should drink 2 cups of this tea on a daily basis, but one cup at a time. People can also make a salad that contains orange and lemon peels. People should cut the peels into thin strips and add them to the salad.


5. Tomatoes


The risk of arteriosclerosis can be lowered to half with the help of an antioxidant called carotenoid lycopene, which is plentiful in tomatoes. As compared to fresh tomatoes, tomato ketchup, soup and juice can provide a more concentrated and low sodium form.

Moreover, the vulnerability of LDL cholesterol becoming oxidized, which eventually leads to the formation of artery-clogging plaque can be reduced with the aid of this antioxidant. This plaque is responsible for the increased risk of heart disease.


6. Green Tea

Drinking green tea can provide people with protection against arteriosclerosis. The oxidation of cholesterol is prevented with green tea. It is recommended to drink this tea twice or thrice on a daily basis. Great antioxidant protection can be achieved by drinking only a single cup every day.

Polyphenols are the flavonoids that are found in green tea and these are extremely powerful antioxidants, which have nearly the same potency as that of Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Green Tea

7. Grapes

Lutein is a carotenoid that can reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis and a good source of it are red seedless grapes. According to recent studies, the thickening of the carotid artery in the neck, which is an indication of arteriosclerosis, can be prevented with lutein. The inflammation of LDL cholesterol in the artery wall can also be reduced with it.

Excellent heart benefitting properties are possessed by both grape seed extract and grape skin extract. A powerful artery-clearing remedy is grape juice that’s formed from whole concord grapes. Because it comprises of potent and powerful substances, it can provide the artery walls protection from cholesterol.

8. Skullcap

In Russia, skullcap was closely studied and it was discovered that heart disease that developed because of stress factors could be stabilized with it. Recently, it was discovered by American researchers that a certain part of the brain is activated in some people by psychological stress and this can lead to heart attacks.

This reaction may be prevented by the calming abilities possessed by skullcap. Scientists in Japan have also determined that the levels of good HDL cholesterol levels can be increased with this herb.


9. Strawberries

Strawberries are the perfect item to toss into breakfast cereal because they comprise of various antioxidants including ellagic acid, Vitamin E, and C, anthocyanins, and carotenoids. A 10% reduction in cholesterol level can be seen with their help. Because organic strawberries are heavily sprayed with pesticides, they should be purchased.


10. Sweet Potatoes

These can be very helpful in keeping the arteries clear and can also reduce blood pressure because they are laden with folate, potassium, Vitamin C, beta-carotene and cholesterol-lowering fiber.

Sweet Potatoes

11. Olive Oil

Omega-6 is another type of fatty acid and its inflammatory effects can be countered with omega-3 fatty acids. The diets of most people are loaded with omega-6, which is quite common in vegetable oil like corn or soybean oil. On the other hand, olive oil is a monounsaturated fat and is listed as good. Organic olive oil is the best option as the risk of coronary disease is reduced with it.

Olive Oil

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