Learning How To Prevent Grey Hair In A Natural Way

Ways To Prevent Grey Hair

[toc]Having grey hair can be a curse, especially when your friends are using trendy colors to show off their crowning glory, while you have to cover up your greys. Deficiency of nutrients, illnesses, stress and heredity all reduce the production of melanin in the body and this eventually causes the hair to turn grey prematurely.

It is not possible for people to actually prevent premature greying of hair, but they can stop the condition from worsening. These are simple remedies that you can try at home and they are surely effective in reducing and preventing greying of hair-

10 Ways To Prevent Grey Hair Naturally

Omegas And Vitamins

Omega 3 Fatty Acids To Prevent Grey Hair

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Your diet should include foods that contain Omega 3, Folic acid and Vitamin B 12. Graying hair can be battled with the abilities of these three ingredients. People should get their diet on track and either eat foods that are rich in these nutrients, or they can also consume their supplements. These hair vitamins are helpful in encouraging the faster hair of growth and can also fight off a number of hair related problems.

Hair tends to go brittle with age and they can actually be made stronger with the aid of Omega 3. On the other hand, Vitamin B 12 is helpful in the way that it helps the hair in retaining its natural and original color. Moreover, it can also relieve stress, which often causes grey hair.

Copper Supplements

Copper Supplements To Prevent Grey Hair

Lack of copper in the diet is also one of the reasons why people suffer from greying hair. Multi-vitamins are usually laden with copper so people can consume them daily for this purpose.

Spinach, lima beans, yams and turnip greens and also meat are some of the food items that contain copper. Pumpkin seeds, almonds, blackberries, pomegranates and pineapple also contain plenty of copper.

Change Of Hair Style Or Hair Color

Hair Color To Prevent Grey Hair

Consider your hair coloring options by visiting a salon. A new hair cut or style can be tried out if a major part of the hair is affected and this can help people in looking younger. If people wish to cover their grey hair from the comforts of their home, they have the option of using a hair coloring kit.

People can also add a touch of luster and youth to their manes by using highlights if their hair color has turned out to be duller and darker because of aging or if the distribution of hair color is uneven.

However, people should keep in mind that choosing a hair dye or color that’s closest to their natural shade is a good choice because it doesn’t look fake and it will also suit the face. People can eliminate the hassle of visiting the salon frequently for touching up their roots. Also, combining hair color with a unique style that frames the face will give a glamorous look.

Healthy Lifestyle

Stop Smoking To Prevent Grey Hair

Cutting back or quitting is advised to those who tend to smoke habitually. Eating a well-balanced diet that comprises of different anti-oxidant loaded fruits and vegetables and exercising regularly is also recommended.

Free radicals are chemicals that damage the cell and anti-oxidant are nutrients that fight off the damage. According to several studies, premature aging can be prevented, along with cancer with these antioxidants. People should have a positive and youthful attitude as it prevents stress. This means that grey hair that occur due to stress will be prevented.

Indian Gooseberry

Gooseberry To Prevent Grey Hair

One of the most important home remedies that is said to be highly effective in the prevention and treatment of grey hair is Indian gooseberry. The hair growth and hair pigmentation is enriched with the help of this valuable hair tonic. Pieces of this fruit should be cut and then left to dry in the shade.

Coconut oil should be used for boiling these pieces until the solid pieces convert into charred dust. Premature greying can be prevented with the use of this darkish oil. The hair can also be nourished with the water in which the pieces of dried Indian gooseberry have been soaked.

When washing the hair, this water should be used for rinsing last. Take a teaspoon of Indian gooseberry juice, add a few drops of lime juice to it and add a teaspoon of almond oil. The scalp should be massaged with this mixture every night for preventing and treating the condition of premature grey hair.

Ribbed Gourd

Ribbed Gourd To Prevent Grey Hair

Pigment is restored and the roots of the hair are enriched with it. The vegetable pieces should be dried and vegetable oil should be used for soaking them. The concoction should be boiled until only black residue is remaining. Before the hair is rinsed, the scalp should be massaged with this mixture and it should be left for a short while.

Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves To Prevent Grey Hair

The premature greying of hair can be prevented by consuming curry leaves in high quantity. Strength and vitality are provided to the hair roots with the help of these leaves. Healthier new hair roots can be grown in this way and they comprise of new pigments.

The leaves can either be squeezed in buttermilk or people can also use them as a spicy condiment. When coconut oil is used for boiling the leaves, hair pigmentation is brought back and hair growth is stimulated with this excellent hair tonic.

Coconut Oil And Lemon

Coconut Oil To Prevent Grey Hair

A dash of lemon and coconut oil should be mixed and the head should be massaged for 15 minutes with this mixture daily. Grey hair can be effectively treated with this remedy and long term benefits can also be derived from it in terms of texture, length and the strength of hair. When this method is used, people can have black hair even when they reach the age of 60 or 70.

Black Tea

Black Tea To Prevent Grey Hair

People can also use black coffee as a rinse for their hair in order to prevent them from going grey prematurely. This can be used instead of any herbal rinse. You can mix this black in some henna for a natural color too or simply use the tea as a rinse.

Herbal Rinse

Sage To Prevent Grey Hair

Grey hair can also be reversed with the use of an herbal rinse. In the case of dark hair, people can choose any herb such as sage, rosemary, catnip, parsley, ivy berries and raspberry leaves. Mix these herbs and apply the juice on the hair and scalp. Let it stay for at least 1-2 hours.

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