St.Botanica Breast Serum

St.Botanica Breast Serum


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    Product Description

    goodness of Pueraria Mirifica

    Pueraria Mirifica and tropical herb extracts. Over the course of centuries, many women had to bear feelings of inadequacy because of their breast size. Genetics play an important role in deciding the bust structure and size and those who have inherited excellent genes can anticipate fabulous looking breasts. However, modern technology has made it possible for women to enhance their breasts a few cup sizes.
    St.Botanica Breast Serum is formulated with natural ingredients like Pueraria Mirifica

    helps to manage breast

    The active ingredient present in the breast serum is the purified extract of Pueraria Mirifica. After years of rigorous trials and research, the effectiveness of pueraria mirifica was established.This herb is indigenous to Thailand . The tuberous root of this herbal plant contains potent substances like phytoestrogen, which includes deoxymiroestrol, daidzein and miroestrol. These substances stimulate the estrogen-sensitive tissues in the breast.

    direction for use and Precautions to be follow

    Using this product is quite easy. Apply 2 to 3 drops of St. Botanica’s Breast Serum on each breast. Now, massage the serum gently onto each breast. Make sure that the massage is done in a proper way. Repeat the same procedure on the other breast. For best results, it is recommended to use the serum 2 times a day, if possible after a bath or a shower..


    How long it takes to see the results?

    Most women will notice the dramatic change in their breasts in 2 weeks. Once you achieve the desired bust size, you can continue using the serum to maintain the firmness and size of your breasts.

    Is the Breast Serum safe to use?

    The breast serum is made from natural ingredients like Pueraria Mirifica and to date there has been no known harmful effects of using the product. Therefore, it is safe to use.

    Who should avoid using the Breast Serum?

    The beauty serum is normally safe for use among women above the age of 21 years. However, pregnant women, nursing mothers or those suffering from estrogen sensitive gynecological cysts and tumors are not recommended to use the breast serum.

    Are there cases, when St. Botanica’s Breast Serum might not work?

    There are possibilities. For instance, inadequate nutrition can impede with the positive results of the breast serum. In some cases, a person may have to use the serum for a longer duration to notice positive effects of the product.

    Do all women get similar results?

    No. The results are not similar, as it depends on various factors. The product works in a different way in different women.

    How is the consumer feedback?

    Women, who have tried St. Botanica’s breast serum, are pleasantly astonished at its effectiveness. This easy to use product is also liked for its quick results, which can be seen in about 2 weeks.

    6 reviews for St.Botanica Breast Serum

    1. 5 out of 5

      I am using the serum for a month. I could see the difference in the size.

    2. 5 out of 5

      Breast serum is helping in increasing my cup size. A great breast enlargement product that actually works.

    3. 5 out of 5

      This is lightweight and absorbs fast into the skin. It is helping in making my breasts perkier.

    4. 5 out of 5

      This product is incredible. I am using it for a month and it is showing result. It is helping in developing my breasts. They are slowly becoming fuller and firmer.

    5. 4 out of 5

      Lightweight, non-greasy product. It is taking good care of my breasts.

    6. 5 out of 5

      The serum is helping in improving my cleavage.

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    Demineralized Water
    Camellis Sinesis
    Leaf Extract
    Tocopherol Acetate
    Centella Astatica Extract
    Pueraria Mirifica Root Extract

    Pueraria Mirifica and tropical herb extracts.


    Firms the breast with pro vitamin B5

    Pro vitamin B5 or panthenol is a skin friendly nutrient. It helps to moisturize the skin. It plays an important role in production of keratinocytes, skin cells that are present on the outermost layer of the skin. Keratinocytes protects the skin from pathogens and environmental damage. It also helps to reducing loss of moisture from the skin. Pro vitamin B5 is also needed for synthesis of collagen, the connective tissues that help to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

    How to lift saggy breasts naturally

    Your diet can play a great role in stimulating growth of the breast tissues. Foods in your diet regulate the estrogen and the fat levels in the body, enabling the breasts to attain their perfect size. Add estrogen rich foods to your diet. They are especially beneficial during adolescence, early adulthood and after menopause. During the teenage and early youth, phytoestrogen present in certain plant products might help to reinforce the activities of the estrogen secreted by the ovaries. After menopause, phytoestrogens help to augment the estrogen reserve in the body after cessation of estrogen secretion in the ovaries. Phytoestrogen is largely present in the form of isoflavonoids, lignans and coumestans. Besides supplying estrogen to your body, isoflavonoids might reduce the risk of breast cancers. Soybean and soy products are rich in isoflavonoids. You can increase your phytoestrogen intake by increasing consumption of legumes, beans and peas. Whole grain products and flaxseeds are also good sources of phytoestrogen. You can even find these estrogen-like plant compounds in fruits such as apples, pomegranate, plums, dates and cherries. Common vegetables such as potatoes, cucumber, tomato and beets could also supply your body phytoestrogen. Seasoning your foods with pepper, sage, ginger and cloves might help to boost your phytoestrogen consumption.

    Adding healthy fats to your diet would enlarge the boobs by stimulating development of healthy fatty tissues. You can consume fish oil, fatty fish, olive oil, avocado and nuts to augment the healthy fat content in your body. The essential fats are also needed for healthy skin. They can make the skin of the breast soft and supple. However, not more than 25 to 30 percent of your daily calorie demand should be satisfied by fats.

    The protein in your diet helps to support the elasticity of the collagen fibers of the breast. Amino acids known as proline and lysine are especially essential for aiding development of collagen fibers. Animal foods are the best sources of these amino acids. Lean meat, fat and low fat dairy foods are the best sources of lysine. Vegans can meet their lysine requirement by increasing consumption of legumes. Egg white and wheat germ are the richest sources of proline. However, to enable synthesis of collagen with the help of the amino acids, you should increase the proportion of vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables in your diet. The antioxidant rich berries are also beneficial for the health of the collagen. Blueberries, raspberries, tart cherries and blackberries contain anthocyanidins that help in reducing risk of damage to the connective tissues. To improve the health of the breast skin, you should consume enough vitamin A rich foods. The beta-carotene rich yellow, orange and dark green colored vegetables would enhance your vitamin A intake. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can protect the breast from the harmful free radicals. Enhanced activities of the free radicals could damage the elasticity of the connective tissues.

    Exercises would also help to improve the bust size. Push-ups might help to tighten the breast by strengthening and tightening the chest muscles. Lie on the floor with your face facing downwards. Now place both the palms on the floor and lift your body upwards and downwards.

    Inverted push-ups could also help to improve your bust size. To do it, stand two to three feet away from the wall. Now slightly lift your heels, bend your elbows and lower the chest towards the wall, pause for a second, and then push your chest away from the wall.