Tulsi Holy Basil Capsules – Anti-Stress


Tulsi Holy Basil Capsules – Anti-Stress


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Ingredients: Refer to Ingredients Section
Qty: 60 Veg Capsules
Suggested usage: 1 Capsule twice daily after meals or as directed by the physician

This wonderful herbal remedy helps in improving an array of conditions associated with breathing difficulties, infections and cough. It also aids in improving respiratory system. As the herb is loaded with antioxidant properties, it helps in boosting the ability of the body to combat against damage caused due to free radicals. Being an adaptogen, it helps the body to deal with various effects of stress and helps in balancing the emotions, nerves and mind.

Holy Basil

Tulsi or Ocimum sanctum is worshipped by Hindus worldwide. For thousands of years, it is used as an important ingredient in herbal formulations. In the Indian subcontinent, one would come across two types of Ocimum sanctum or tulsi leaves – plants with green leaves or Sri Tulsi and plants with purple leaves of Krishna Tulsi. The therapeutic properties of tulsi are well documented in Ayurvedic literature. In the traditional Indian medicine system, holy basil is described as an anti-asthamatic herb. According to Ayurvedic medicine practitioners, it is a “Kaphaghna” herb, which could effectively treat “kapha dosa”. Scientific evidences based on experimental and clinical studies support the therapeutic effect of the herb. Researches suggest that the therapeutic activities of holy basil are primarily due to the active component eugenol.


  • It is Anti-asthmatic
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Regulates the blood sugar level
  • Slows ageing
  • Balances Blood pressure
  • Guards against cold and cough
  • Due to its antioxidant properties, it protects against harmful effects of radiations.
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves stamina
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps in treating diabetes
  • Due to the high concentration of the compound eugenol, it is thought to be an effective pain killer.
  • Promotes healthy metabolic activity in the body
  • Effective in treating urinary system and rectal disorders

How to use

Take 1 or 2 capsules two times a day after your meal or as suggested by the health practitioner.

How Holy Basil Is Useful?

Commonly known as Holy Basil, Tulsi is well-known for its amazing properties, which is incomparable. Ocimum Tenuiflorum is the botanical name of the plant, which belongs to the family of Lamiaceae. This aromatic herb is found abundantly in all regions. There is another variety called Thai Holy Basil, which is known by the botanical name Ocimum basilicum. The leaves of the plant are used in Thai cuisine. The chemical composition of the herb is as follows: Beta Carophyllene, Carvacrol, Linalook, Eugenol, Rosmarinic Acid, Ursolic Acid, Oleanolic Acid and other phytochemicals. This combination of beneficial compounds gives the medicinal value to the herb.

According to Researchers the holy basil consists of potent anti-inflammatory agents, which help in reducing the inflammation significantly and enhance detoxification. The laboratory studies have reported that the oil obtained from holy basil is found to possess major anti-inflammatory activity. The herb is also used in treating respiratory tract infections. According to Researchers, holy basil plays a vital role in managing the immunological disorders like asthma and allergy. It is also well-known for its anti-spasmodic properties and is quite helpful in relieving abdominal pain.

Scientific data suggests that holy basil is also quite helpful in treating rheumatism, peptic ulcer, influenza, fever, diabetes, common cold, bronchitis, asthma, diabetes and arthritis. Although clinical statistics have not been extensive, it is found that the herb is helpful in treating other conditions like sinusitis, vomiting, epilepsy, earache and etc.

In Ayurvedic medicine, tulsi is used as an anti-worm solution. It also helps in stimulating lactation in women. Studies have proved the analgesic activity of the herb and hence basil is used in the treatment of dyspnoea and bronchospasm (asthma and respiratory distress). Oral intake of extract prepared from dried tulsi is found to enhance the lung capacity and give respite from labored breathing in patients suffering from asthma.

In a dummy pill-controlled, randomized study, the consequences of tulsi leaves in the dried form on the blood glucose levels and serum-cholesterol in about 40 diabetic patients, who were non-insulin dependent were assessed. Patients, who received 2.5 gram of Holy Basil leaves (orally) every day for four weeks, showed decrease in the blood glucose levels (fasting and eating) by 17.6% and 7.3% correspondingly. In addition, it was found that the mean cholesterol levels were reduced to some extent (about 6.5%) during the treatment phase. Moreover, the patients did not experience any unpleasant after-effects.

Dangers of taking holy basil supplements are only cautionary. Some herbalists suggest avoiding the intake of holy basil in patients, who are on acetaminophen drugs like paracetamol. Though there is no data available currently on the specific safety measures or general precautions, the medicinal & laboratory test interactions suggest that the herb must be administered in kids under medical supervision.


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