St.Botanica Lady Secret Serum – 6 Bottles, 5ml each

St.Botanica Lady Secret Serum – 6 Bottles, 5ml each


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Product Description

Product Specifics:

Ingredients: Refer to Ingredients Section
Qty: 1 Pack of 6 Bottles (5ml each)
Suggested usage: After washing the genital area , apply the Lady Secret serum on the vagina

St. Botanica’s Lady Secret Serum is a safe product that helps in supporting the normal health, function and structure of the vagina. It also helps in enhancing the tightening sensation and the sensitivity of the vagina. It helps in providing relief from many problems like excessive or irregular lubrication. Made from natural herbs, this product is very efficient and with no major known side effects. Besides tightening the vagina walls, it also helps to fight odour and mucus. So, try this to get back your enthusiasm and have a very satisfying sex life.


  • Helps tighten the vagina thereby increasing your pleasure during intercourse
  • Helps restore lubrication as it contains estrogen, which is needed for a healthy vagina
  • Its anti-inflammatory property helps in reducing vaginal swelling and odour.
  • Helps improve vaginal elasticity
  • Fights against microbial pathogens.
  • Considered safe with no known side effects
  • Helps in strengthening the vaginal wall.


Use Lady Secret Serum to

Dispel Unpleasant Odour

Restore the Vagina suppleness

Reduce Excessive Mucus

Increase vaginal secretion

Restore Lubrication – Solve the problem of vaginal dryness

Firms and tightens the vagina – Give more pleasure and comfort

Release esterogen – Stimulating a woman’s libido

Contracts and reshape the vaginal walls – Intensify sexual pleasure

How to use

  • It is very simple to apply, after daily cleansing (both morning and evening), take 3 to 4 drops of the lady secret serum on your fingertips (make sure your hands are clean) and apply it to the vagina.
  • Do not rinse after applying the serum.
  • Regular use will give you the desired results.


St.Botanica Lady Secret Cream (Herbal Vaginal Contraction) bring on fast outcome, as quickly as 30 minutes you get to see vaginal contraction and soft feeling of titillation of G-Spot. Daily applying the cream promotes pleasure and tightening sensations of vagina. To boost positive outcome of St.Botanica Lady Secret Cream (Herbal Vaginal Contraction) it’s recommended not to rinse vagina immediately with water.

MECHANISM (How To Tight Vagina)

Lady Secret Cream works by toning and lubricating the inner walls of the vagina. It enhances the ability to draw on and secrete your own natural lubricants. It stimulates the “Bartholon” glands to release estrogen, helping to restore lubrication solving the problem of vaginal dryness and thicken the vaginal walls.

How to treat vaginal problems naturally

Vaginal disorders are quite common. In some cases, they can be prevented and treated naturally. Vaginal dryness, a common complaint for painful sexual intercourse and diminished desire for sex, could be reduced by lubricating the vagina with a suitable moisturizing agent. Lady Secret serum could be safely used for lubricating the vagina. In addition, by working on the vaginal tissues the components of the serum will help to revive the health of the vagina.

Estrogen like plant compounds could help to boost the estrogen reserve in your body. Hence, women bothered by vaginal atrophy owing to fall in the estrogen level might consider increasing intake of fruits and vegetables containing phytoestrogen. Soy is one of the richest sources of phytoestrogen. Soy products contain isoflavones that are dietary sources of estrogen. Isoflavones derived from soy are used for making phytoestrogen supplements. Although phytoestrogen supplements do not cause adverse side effect when taken in small doses, it is advisable to avoid these supplements if you are suffering from health disorders such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids and cancers of the breast, ovary and uterus that might worsen by consuming phytoestrogen supplements. Flax seeds would supply your body phytoestrogen in the form of lignans. Lignans also double as antioxidants that can protect your body from the harmful free radicals. Alfalfa, wheat, celery, fennel, oat, rice, sesame seeds and sage are moderate sources of phytoestrogen. Estrogen-like compounds are also found in apple, citrus fruits, carrot, beet, cherries, pomegranate, peas, beans, pumpkin, papaya, potato, eggplant and garlic.

Increasing consumption of vitamin D might help to reduce vaginal dryness. In postmenopausal women, fall in the estrogen level increases the risk of osteoporosis. To slow down loss of bone density, postmenopausal women should increase consumption of dietary calcium. Vitamin is needed for aiding calcium absorption. Exposure to sunlight aids synthesis of vitamin D naturally. However, for various reasons natural synthesis of vitamin D slows down. Deficiency of vitamin D increases with age. Excessive use of sunscreen products shields the skin from the sun’s radiation. Vitamin D rich foods and supplements might help to compensate inadequate synthesis of vitamin D in the body. Fish, seafood, cow’s milk and egg are natural sources of vitamin D. To diminish risk of vitamin D deficiency, you can consume cereals and juices fortified with vitamin D.

Sometimes, DHEA supplements are recommended for improving the symptoms of vaginal atrophy. They work by boosting circulation of estrogen.

However, women engaged in regular sexual activities could avoid vaginal atrophy. Blood flow increases in the vaginal area during sexual activities. Increase in blood flow helps to nourish the vaginal tissues.

Vagina could be tightened naturally with the help of Kegel’s exercises. These exercises help to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. The vagina loses its elasticity when the pelvic floor muscles weaken. Besides tightening the vagina, Kegel’s exercises also help to improve bladder control.

Before moving ahead with the exercises, you should identify the right muscles that need to be exercised. In the vagina, insert a finger and squeeze it with the surrounding muscles. You would feel the pelvic floor muscles moving upwards when the vagina tightens. When you relax the vaginal muscles, the pelvic floor muscles would move downwards. Instead of inserting the finger in the vagina, you can also feel the pelvic floor muscles while stopping urine flow.

Before starting the Kegel’s exercises, you should empty your bladder. These exercises should not be done when the bladder is full or while urinating. You can do these exercises while sitting or lying down. Slowly contract the pelvic floor muscles, hold it in the position for five seconds and then slowly relax the muscles, and keep it in the relaxed position for five seconds. Repeat the exercise four to ten times. Gradually, you can hold the pelvic floor muscles in the contracted and relaxed position for a longer time, for up to ten seconds. While doing the Kegel’s exercise, make sure that only the pelvic floor muscles are moving. Your abdominal muscles, thigh and buttock should not move during the exercise. Breathe normally during the workout. You need not hold your breathe while contracting or relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. Repeat the exercises thrice a day.


Is the Lady Secret Serum safe?

This is the first question, which will pop up in your mind, as it has to be applied on your private parts. Well, the product is herbal based and is extremely safe. So, you can go ahead and use it without any problem and see the difference in your private life.

How effective is the Lady Secret Serum?

The product is very effective as it tightens the vagina, improves lubrication, dispels odour and helps reduce mucus. It helps in improving the shape of the vagina and brings back its suppleness. The serum will bring youthfulness and freshness in your love life.

What if the serum goes in your internal parts?

Don’t worry this plant based product will not cause any harm even if it goes into the internal layers.

Will it affect pregnancy later?

No, it is herbal based and only has an effect on the external parts. It does not harm your pregnancy in any way, whenever you plan for it.

Is it easily available?

Yes, it is available on many online stores and is delivered to your doorstep.

Do I have to use it regularly?

As it does not have any side effects, you can use it regularly. If used on a regular basis, it will give you better results and has a long and lasting effect. You can discontinue any time without any adverse effects.

7 reviews for St.Botanica Lady Secret Serum – 6 Bottles, 5ml each

  1. 5 out of 5

    It helps to tighten it all up and made my sexual experience very amazing. I definitely recommend to all about this serum

  2. 4 out of 5

    Does it brings back Verginity

  3. 5 out of 5

    I recently purchased this item, and results are so far so good.The product doesn’t have an odor and it isn’t sticky

  4. 1 out of 5

    does it help to brings back verginity?

  5. 5 out of 5

    Best Serum For Female Organ. Having a young and tight vagina is a dream of older women like me. Thanks to St. Botanica Lady Secret Serum: it indeed tightens my vagina. It gives me all the pleasures of tightening sensation and stimulation in my sex life.

  6. 5 out of 5

    I highly recommend this product. I have a strong penile erection now and my sperm count has increased.

  7. 5 out of 5

    These supplements have really helped me. Enough to say, I am highly satisfied.

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Pueraria Mirifica and tropical herb extracts, Carbopol, Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Propylene and etc.


Pueraria mirifica is one of the main ingredients in the Lady Secret Serum. This herb is mainly found in Thailand and has been used by locals for many years in traditional medicines. A lot of research has been conducted on this herb to test the botanical characteristics, toxicity factor, chemical properties and clinical effects. Many universities are now offering a master’s degree program on this ancient herb.

It has been proved to be safe for human intake. It has highly revitalizing properties. It was previously used only for oral consumption in the form of tablets or capsules. With the help of new technology and research, today it is used in creams, gels, anti-aging products and so on.

There are many benefits of Pueraria mirifica mentioned below are some of them.

  • Helps in overall blood circulation in the body.
  • Aids in improving estrogen levels.
  • Improves hair growth and also helps in reducing grey hair.
  • Helps in skin tightening and firming.

This herb has brought a revolutionary change in the world of cosmetics. It is being used largely in pharmacy, cosmetics and food supplement industry. It has no known side effects. The Lady Secret Serum has Pueraria mirifica as its main active ingredient making it highly efficient product.