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The penile erection process starts with chemical changes in the brain that occur during sex. Men’s sexual function is closely related to the testosterone level. Declining testosterone level is often linked to erectile dysfunction or impotence.


After cleansing, apply some amount of cupidrex serum on your palms and gently massage it on the penis from the shaft to the glans. Massage till it is fully absorbed by the skin. You can apply it twice a day for best results.


Cupidrex Serum is a plant based product, which has Butea Superba Extract as its main active ingredient. This herb is well known for its use in the cosmetic industry.

Research as revealed that this herb is safe for human consumption. It is used in the form of capsules, tablets, creams and gels. It does not have any adverse effect on the nervous system nor does it affect the cardiac system of the body.

The Cupidrex Serum is made from herbs using the latest technology and research. The product has no major side effects. It is absolutely safe and effective.


Is the cupidrex serum safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. As mentioned above it is a plant based product with no adverse side effects. So, you can go ahead and try it to fulfil your sexual desires. It will not affect your health in any way.

When will I see the results and how much time does it take?

Well, the result may vary from person to person depending on age, diet or genes. However, the product has had a huge success ratio with the majority of the users. You will surely see an increase in your erection size and better ejaculation. You can see the difference in three to four weeks with regular use of the product.

Can the product be used at any age?

Yes, the product can be used at any age. Though at times results may vary due to age factor, but the serum is quite effective for all age groups.

Does the serum actually work?

The product has a huge success rate. Statistics reveal that a majority of men, who have used this unique formula, has experienced vitality and maximum erection potential.

Where do I buy it?

You can buy the product from any online stores offering them. The product will be genuine and according to the standards mentioned on the site.

3 reviews for St.Botanica Cupidrex Serum

  1. 4 out of 5

    This helped in improving erection. Easy to use and no risk of side effect.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Cupidrex Serum has helped in boosting performance and desire.

  3. 5 out of 5

    It absorbs fast and in a few days its effect can be experienced. It helped in enhancing my performance.

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Butea Superba Extract
Pine Bark Extract
Zingiber Montanum Extract
Centellia Asiatica
Ginseng Extract
Eurycoma longifolia Jack
Vitamin B3
  Butea Superba with other tropical herbal extracts


Penis, erection and sex:

The penile erection process starts with chemical changes in the brain that occur during sex. The physical and emotional changes that accompany sex stimulate the brain to transmit chemical messages to the penis. To support an erection, the penile blood vessels relax, enabling smooth blood circulation into the penis. Inside the penis, the blood is trapped in corpora cavernosa or the two cylinder-like chambers that run along the length of the penis. This helps the penis to expand and enable erection.

Ejaculation occurs at the climax of sex. When the brain receives messages of the sexual excitement from the penile nerves, it transmits chemical messages through the spinal cord to the penis, and ejaculation occurs. The muscles at the base of the penis contracts and the semen containing the sperms are transported from the penis into the vagina.

During sex, a man is concerned not only about satisfying himself, but he also wants to make sure that he can satisfy his partner as well. It is estimated that more than 71 percent men are concerned about their penis size. A larger and thicker penis is more satisfying during intercourse. Moreover, it would help to satisfy your male ego. However, if you worry too much about your penile length, sex related anxiety might prevent you from enjoying your intimate moments with your partner.

Men’s sexual function is closely related to the testosterone level. Declining testosterone level is often linked to erectile dysfunction or impotence. Your penis would also undergo change as you age – a sign of declining testosterone level. It might take longer to get an erection and attain orgasm. Erectile dysfunction might even be triggered by psychological stress. Obstruction in blood flow through the penis is another common cause of erectile dysfunction. It occurs in people with diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and peripheral vascular disease.

Abdominal weight gain is a common reason for apparent reduction in the size of the penis. The sensitivity of the penis might decrease overtime owing to hormonal changes.

Not all men are born equal. Despite the small penis, you can still enjoy a satisfying sex life if you adopt the right procedures to resolve your sexual problems.

How Cupidrex Serum can help you

St. Botanica’s Cupidrex Serum blends Butea Superba, a popular aphrodisiac herb used in Thailand, with pine bark extract, Zingiber montanum, ginseng, Eurycoma longifolia Jack and vitamin B3. There are several advantages of using a transdermal nanotechnology based serum instead of an oral supplement. The transdermal nano-carriers rapidly carry the herbal ingredients into the bloodstream, enabling the drug to work faster than oral medications. You need only a small amount of serum to produce the desired effect. By following the transdermal route, you can avoid the side effects associated with ingestion of drugs.

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