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    Baby Anti Bacterial Liquid Cleanser 500ml

    • Mom & World Baby Anti Bacterial Liquid Cleanser is an all-purpose cleanser for washing off food residues, microorganisms, chemicals and impurities from nursing bottles, feeding utensils and accessories, pacifiers, toys, fruits, vegetables and everything your baby uses.
    • Free from harsh detergents, it’s a natural cleanser powered by lemon and neem. Lemon works as a natural disinfectant and helps dissolve stains and eliminates unpleasant odor. Neem helps in destroying germs.
    • This gentle, non-toxic, natural cleanser has been manufactured according to the international guidelines. The environment-friendly liquid cleanser is absolutely safe for your baby’s health.
    • Washing fruits and vegetables with the natural cleanser helps in removing all traces of pesticides and fertilizers that may be present on the rind.
    • Easy to clean and rinse.
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