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Top Home Remedies For Ant Bites

[toc]One of the suddenly occurring problems that people have to face is that of ant bites. This not only causes a lot of discomfort in the body but also leads to pain and burning sensations. It might be a harmless health situation but then the venom can lead to severe itching.

Ant Bites

Usually, as soon as the ant bites, it turns red and swells up. It might take a couple of minutes to days for it to get treated. The below mentioned home remedies if followed on a routine basis will give you perfect outcomes in hand along with relief from the pain and itching.

5 Home Remedies For Ant Bites

Apply Toothpaste

One of the efficient home remedies for ant bites is the application of toothpaste on the affected area. This help in the reduction of the pain associated with the problem. Follow the home remedy again and again till the problem is completely treated. It is one safe and easily accessible home remedy to rely on.


Aloe Vera Gel Benefits

The soothing and anti inflammatory properties of aloe Vera gel brings benefits for the skin in a lot of ways. Among this, treatment of ant bites is one of the top ones that can be adhered to.

In case of a bite, make sure you extract fresh gel from the plant and evenly apply on the redness and soreness. This will not only treat the itching and pain but slowly reduce the inflammation before completely treating it.

Aloe Vera Gel

Baking Soda And Vinegar Paste

Make a thick paste from baking soda and vinegar and apply it on the stings caused by the ants. This should be repeated everyday and several times in a day to get results on the ant bites. Make sure the baking soda is of good quality to ensure faster and perfect outcomes.

Baking soda can also be mixed with water into a paste and then applied on the ant bites. This will give exactly the same results as baking soda and vinegar. Only vinegar can also be applied on the bites to get a proper treatment and that too without any side effects.

Baking Soda

Ice Compress

To get instant relief from pain take a plastic filled with ice cubes and apply it on the skin while keeping a thin cloth in between. This should be done for about 10 minutes to get the relief. On the other hand, a cloth soaked in cold water can also be applied which will reduce the itching and pain considerably.

Take breaks in between and follow it 3-4 times in a day to get the outcomes. Ice bags are also available in the market that can be chilled in the refrigerator and then used on the ant bites. It will give you reduction of inflammation as well.


Tea Tree Oil

Take a clean cotton ball and dab some tea tree oil on it. This should be applied on the ant bites. It will not only relieve the pain but also the itching. Follow it 1-2 times in a day to get maximum advantages. Tea tree essential oil is easily available in the market.

tea tree oil